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Hyde Park is also a popular area for young professionals who move to Cincinnati for work.

Oakley, Pleasant Ridge, Madisonville, Kennedy Heights Here are more middle-class neighborhoods on the East Side, each with their own personality and historic flavor; these are generally noteworthy as good residential areas.

It’s an incredibly livable city: decent cost of living, many beautiful neighborhoods, just the right size for knowing your way around but still finding more to explore.

Most people are incredibly friendly and will strike up a conversation in the grocery store or on the street, whether they know you or not – this is the thing I miss most when I go other places. Caroline: As a Cincinnati transplant after living in sunny south Florida for 22 years, I immediately assumed life in the Midwest would be a drag with its general lack of ocean access and that thing called winter.

Whenever I have dropped by these two Steger offices, the staff and students there have been super friendly and helpful and made me feel right at home.

But after moving to the Queen City for graduate school, I knew pretty immediately that I had fallen in love.

Cincinnati has a lot of your standard Midwestern city things: good beer, fall, and old beautiful houses, but it also has many unique things.

It’s also good to be aware of the sociological divide between “The West Side” (stereotypically blue-collar, sports-loving, German-Irish and Catholic) and “The East Side” (stereotypically white-collar, wealthy, with a sushi place on every corner), which is divided by Interstate 75.

People who have lived their entire life on one side are mostly unaware of anything happening on the other side, or even how to get there.


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