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So, Grandma was on the right track wih the whole "stick onions in your socks" plan when we were sick. Over the counter drugs were probably not in the budget. MY MOTHER TOLD ME TO PUT A WHITE ONION OUT IN THE ROOM OF THE HOUSE AND IT WOULD HELP KILL THE VIURS, FLU, OR COLD AND I GOT REAL SICK AND I PUT OUT A ONION LIKE MOM SAID AND IN A FEW HOURS I STARTED FEELING BETTER I have a white onion (unpeeled doesn't smell) in my bedroom and in the kitchen sitting in a bowl. A friend came over and laughed at me because snopes said it wasn't true. I had a chest-mucous cold for all of December and just last week I got another cold this time in my sinus. But, I feel better this morning than I have in awhile. :-) The onions in the socks works, the only thing is that you depending on what you have and how bad the cold/virus is you could end up with a bad nights sleep while the onion works it's way through your system....

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